Supplier Risk Management

Stay alerted to changes in supplier health to understand and prioritize threats, and proactively avoid disruption.

Procurement and supply chain professionals are often under-resourced yet responsible for mitigating risk across hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers. The task of staying on top of supplier health becomes exponentially more difficult due to the many disparate, siloed tools used to assess supplier health across numerous risk categories. These solutions often overwhelm users with an abundance of alerts, making it challenging to proactively mitigate risks and identify potential disruptions before they happen.

Craft Supplier Risk Management makes it easy to assess and prioritize risk based on what’s most impactful to your organization, helping you proactively avoid costly disruptions to your supply chain.

Make smarter decisions

with 360 degree supplier visibility

Act faster

with risk monitoring and prioritized alerts

Avoid disruption

with early risk detection and mitigation

Supplier Risk Management Solution

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your suppliers using robust data profiles and tools that monitor 500+ data points per company.

Quickly access structured supplier intelligence that’s easy to understand.

Company Profiles

Instantly compare suppliers side by side on critical risk metrics.

Supplier Comparison

Discover new suppliers whose qualifications meet your requirements.

Advanced Search

Evaluate your suppliers’ suppliers against industry benchmarks and other KPIs.

Portfolio Check

Continuously monitor suppliers to identify and address the most relevant risks to your business and prevent disruption

Centralize visibility into risk across your entire supplier network.

Risk Hub

Proactively monitor suppliers across global news sources and against industry benchmarking.

Alerts and Industry Benchmarks

Customize your intelligence with advanced alerting capabilities spanning keywords, commodities, and regions.

Advanced alerts

Collaboration between procurement and supply chain is now easier than ever

Make smarter, faster decisions to ensure compliance with historical case tracking, reporting, and centralized documentation.

Case Management

Centralize and coordinate response efforts and action plans across your entire organization.

Collaboration workspace

Superior Data Fabric

Reliable supplier data fabric is critical for procurement and supply chain management

Craft’s rich data fabric delivers unmatched data breadth and depth by integrating supplier information sourced from leading industry data partners, proprietary machine learning, and your company’s operational data. Unlike self-reported data from supplier surveys, our data undergoes a meticulous validation process ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Risk Categories

Get a complete picture of supplier health with over 500 data points across crucial risk categories


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Regulatory & Compliance

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